About Fine Art For The Garden

Merging the outdoors with the indoors has always been the dream of the Garden Artist, Mary Ahern. The technology has finally caught up with this dream and made it possible to display weather resistant Fine Art in all your outdoor living spaces.

Mary Ahern Artist

A classically trained Fine Artist, Ahern has been creating Fine Art in all mediums for decades. As a passionate gardener her Fine Art has focused on the flowers surrounding her studio.

As a professional sales and marketing executive in the computer graphics industry, Mary Ahern brings these skills to the creation and production needed to provide quality products and superior customer satisfaction.

The Art works shown here on this site are just a sampling of the possibilities open to our discerning clients. Custom paintings, sizes and treatments are truly welcomed.

These weather resistant aluminum prints have been garden tested for over 4 years in blazing sunshine and throughout the winter in ice and snow with no decline in appearance. A bit of windex and a paper towel easily removes dust and bird decorations.

These Fine Art Aluminum prints are available directly from the Artist, Mary Ahern.

Begin the discussion by calling now. Ask for Mary Ahern at phone # 631-757-9459 or use our contact form here.

To view additional information by the Artist, Mary Ahern please visit her main website.