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Choice of size. Sizing is listed in the Galleries. Of course Custom Sizing and Images are available. Use our contact form to ask about sizing options.

Choice of finish:

Fine Art for the Garden - Aluminum Print with Matte Finish

Aluminum Print with Matte Finish

Matte Finish: This finish is more subtle than the glossy and doesn’t have the high reflectivity. The colors are bright and the effect is softer and more gentle.Ideal for patios and entertainment areas because of the reduction in the mirror-like  reflections.





Fine Art for the Garden - Aluminum Print with Gloss Finish

Aluminum Print with Gloss Finish

Glossy Finish: Bright shine enhances the brightness and radiance of the Art Work adding depth of colors and high reflectivity.Preferred for display from a distance against walls or out in the garden on trees or fences.



Ready to Hang

Fine Art for the Garden - Aluminum Print Hanger Backing

Aluminum Print Hanger Backing

All our Aluminum Prints come ready to hang for your immediate decorating pleasure.

Depending upon your hanging location you can make the choice of materials you choose to install your Art. The backing of your prints is strengthened and supported by a sturdy custom made outdoor resistant material which is also used in your installation.


Fine Art for the Garden - Security Hangers

Security Hangers

T-Screw Security Hanging System

In some circumstances you might consider these hotel tested Security Hanging systems. The T-Screw in turned and locked into place by the specially designed wrench once your Art is in position. Brackets, screws and wrench are provided in the kit along with instrucitions.

This hanging system not only provides security of removal by hand but also by wind.